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About Us

About Us

FETGO TEC FZCO was established in the United Arab Emirates in 2017 as a software company specialized on mobile applications: consulting, design and customization development.

It provides software solutions, portal and networking. FETGO is creating a dynamic and interactive field for all of its customers, our experts team is comprised of a specialized developers who can deliver the highest quality in the shortest time.

FETGO stands out with its mission and vision that as rather than focusing on profit as its main goal, it seeks the issues and things that add a great value to people's live because FETGO team is confident and certain that these issues pave the way to success.
If you have any project plan or idea to discuss and to implement, be assured that our software development team will help you drawing and managing the primary concepts of your idea and give you the appropriate suggestions that will help you take the right decision. FETGO Team always strives to keep the confidentiality of projects ideas and concepts by the non-disclosure agreement as well.


FETGO is an application that was built and programmed step by step by FETGO Team to become an application that will reach your destination in minutes and will deliver the best car-care services from car insurance till car wash. It is the fastest and the easiest way to serve and fix your car problems locally. All you have to do is just to place an order of any of the listed car services and FETGO Team will take care of the rest. FETGO system takes into account the customer destination to ensure that the orders are assigned to the nearest possible FETGO for the fastest delivery service.


FETGO is the first all-rounded car service application in the UAE that cares about all your vehicle’s necessities: maintenance, insurance, spare parts, repair, car wash, cargo, rent a car, recovery and more.Taking care of your car is easier than ever with the free FETGO application.